NotSoTinyWM is a small window manager that tries to do the bare minimum to get the job done. It has a base that is (nearly) identical to TinyWM, which allows you to move, resize, and raise windows. It has the default sloppy focus and no decorations or anything like that, which means moving and resizing windows has to be done with weird key combinations.

Various features are built on top of the base, and they coexist with it. Every feature is built on top of the bare minimum which can support it, so you can see how to implement specific features. Decorations are implemented on top of the base, and transparent decorations on top of the decorations. That is, the original features aren't replaced by the "improved" ones.

NotSoTinyWM's idea is to show how to implement various features in a window manager, with as little distractions as possible.

Currently all the different features live as branches of the NotSoTinyWM repository on github. The available features are:

Aleksi Torhamo (Alexer)